Commercial Mortgage Brokerage

Commercial mortgage broker works with certain financial institutions which use swaps that allow borrowers to enjoy long term fixed rates at much lower rates than CMBS or life insurance company lenders offer today (due in part to this perceived imbalance in swap spreads) without prepayment penalties, burdensome swap agreements, or personal guarantees on the swap.  We have closed a number of these transactions and can assist borrowers to obtain these unprecedented low interest rates.

commercial-mortgage-broker-key-loanCommercial mortgage brokerage is a unique and demanding industry niche.  Commercial mortgage brokers represent the borrowers, as opposed to the large financial institutions that have their own representations.  A valuable borrower advocate, strategist, and underwriter commercial mortgage brokerage utilizes many skillsets to process and close transactions.  Constantly checking in with the capital markets and multitude of capital providers, commercial mortgage brokerage provides an overview and unique perspective in the real estate capital markets.

Commercial mortgage are available in long term fixed rates, short term bridge loans, and floating rates in addition to swap based products.  Commercial mortgages are priced over indices including Libor, U.S. treasury, prime rate, and swap rates.

To track swaps and other relevant commercial mortgage indices, please use commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound’s Rates App found here



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