Is technology impacting commercial mortgages just like residential mortgages?

While new technology is completely changing the face of the residential mortgage market, the same story isn’t happening in the commercial mortgage market. As it stands, mortgage lenders are almost being forced to use more technology in order to compete in the market. Kelly Adkisson, a managing director at Accenture Credit Services, recently explained in an […]

Recent residential closing for 75% of purchase, 3.875% interest rate, 30 years fixed, 30 year amortization. No lender fee

Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound occasionally does home loans.  A recent residential closing for 75% of purchase, 3.875% interest rate, 30 years fixed, 30 year amortization.  No lender fee.  Aside from amazing loan terms, this transaction was unique in that the borrower was trading out of a 4 plex and did a 1031 exchange to […]

Report: Commercial market to be healthy for 3 years

Economic conditions should mean a healthy level of growth for the commercial real estate industry through 2017. That’s the conclusion of a study by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate. The report is the result of a survey of 49 top economists and analysts from industry organizations. The latest […]

Commercial lending rises by double digits in 2014 over the prior year

Commercial and multifamily lenders closed on nearly $400 billion in loans in 2014, which was up by double digits over the prior year and the highest total since the booming years in the lead up to the credit crisis, the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported Wednesday. “Last year was a strong year for commercial and […]

Dollar Store acquisition financing in Southeast

$1.5 million for cross-collateralized Dollar stores acquisition in Southeast.  The four dollar stores were located in predominantly secondary/tertiary locations, with staggered near-term lease rollover and no reported sales.  Furthermore, the borrower is neither a citizen or resident of the United States.  Despite these difficult underwriting characteristics Financial Compound obtained terms with a 4.67% interest rate, […]

Industrial Refinance in East Los Angeles 32 day close

Commercial Mortgage Broker Financial Compound worked with a closely held portfolio lender to meet the borrower’s closing deadline to close a $9.8 million industrial mixed use refinancing in East Los Angeles in 32 days. We navigated several obstacles, including significant research to prove out the borrower’s top-of-market rents for this newer construction, a portion of which […]

Swap Spreads: Ghost in the Machine

Swaps spreads are a measure of  risk in the credit markets.  The higher the swap spread, the bigger the credit risk as perceived by market players.  To most easily understand how swap spread are a proxy for risk, we can start with a simpler example of how to gauge credit risk in the market.  Credit […]

Boston Commercial Real Estate Rebounds

Financial Compound refinance office building in suburban Boston Across New England there are numerous pockets of strengthening commercial real estate markets.  For example, many of Boston’s suburbs are currently enjoying an economic recovery, along with increased commercial rental rates and reduced vacancy rates.  Multi-family properties are especially strong with a virtual 0% vacancy rate and […]

Fiscal Cliff Affects Distribution Warehouse Space

Major Manufacturer in California Relocating to Nevada due to Fiscal Cliff Commercial mortgage broker Financial Compound has a client with a large manufacturing facility in Southern California who has decided to relocate to Nevada largely due to the portent of increased taxes from the fiscal cliff along with higher costs of doing business associated with […]

Commercial Mortgage Lenders: FDIC Agreements

Commercial Mortgage Lenders:  FDIC Agreements- Loss Share or Lost Hair? While Financial Compound has completed loan modifications and note sales with many types of commercial mortgage lenders, we have been involved in only a precious few with banks holding recourse commercial real estate loans subject to a loss share agreement with the FDIC.  Since 2009 the successor bank purchases all […]