Our Team

Commercial Mortgage Broker is part of the online brand for our company, Financial Compoud.  (Click here to read more about our company). 

Thomas Falbo

Phone: 310-260-5900 X102

Cell: 310-280-8209

Email: tfalbo@financialcompound.com

Michael Schwartz

Phone: 310-260-5900 X101

Cell: 310-280-8210

Email: mschwartz@financialcompound.com

Barbara Sekulski

Phone: 310-260-5900 X105

Cell: 646-232-0440

Email: barbara@financialcompound.com

Joel Besner

Phone: 310-260-5900 X107

Cell: 514-893-3500

Email: jbesner@financialcompound.com

James Smith

Phone: 310-260-5900 X104

Cell: 310-383-8330

Email: jsmith@financialcompound.com